New release: Brian 2.6

It’s been a while since the last release, so we are very happy to announce that Brian 2.6 is finally out 🎉 This release comes with a major new feature to run standalone simulations repeatedly (or in parallel), without recompiling its code. We now also automatically push Docker images to Docker Hub, provide Python wheels for Python 3.12, and build and test on Apple Silicon hardware. The release also fixes various compatibility issues with the upcoming numpy 2.0 release – although we cannot be sure yet whether the ongoing development will not make additional changes neccessary. As always, the new release also fixes a bunch of small bugs and errors, and updates the documentation and the examples.

Brian 2 can be installed with pip from the pypi repository, and via several other means (some of them might take a while to catch up to the latest release). See the installation instructions, and the badges in the README file for more details.

Thanks to everyone who contributed 🤝!

For all the details about this new release, please have a look at the release notes.