Brian 2 core team

Romain Brette
Institut de la Vision, INSERM, Paris
Romain is a research director in computational and theoretical neuroscience in the Vision Institute, where he leads the computational neuroscience of sensory systems group. His main interests are neural modeling of perception and spike initiation. He also has an interest in epistemology.


Dan Goodman
Imperial College London
Dan is a faculty member in the Intelligent Systems and Networks group in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. Dan is interested in uncovering fundamental principles of neural computations, using a variety of methods including spiking neural networks and machine learning techniques.


Marcel Stimberg
Institut de la Vision, Sorbonne University, Paris
Marcel is a software research engineer in the Vision Institute. He is working on tools for neural simulations, as well as supporting the team in their work on neural data analysis (spike sorting) and electrophysiology.


Brian 1 team

In addition to the Brian 2 team members, additional work was done on Brian 1 by:

Full team for Brian 2

Full list of code and documentation contributors, ordered by the time of their first commit. See the release notes for acknowledgements of further contributions in the form of bug reports, testing, suggestions, etc.