Brian online tutorial

We will experiment with running a Brian tutorial online. The first tutorial of this kind will take place on Friday, August 7th 2020 from 2pm-6pm BST (UTC+1, see here for other timezones). Free (but mandatory) registration here. We will run the tutorial as a Zoom meeting – registering with the link will give you the URL (please don’t share so we can avoid zoombombing). We will record the meeting and if everything goes reasonably well, we will upload the videos later.

Update: The recorded video is now on Youtube:

If you participate, it would be really helpful if you could download and install Brian before the tutorial so that you can work along with it as we go. Instructions are:

  1. Download and install the Anaconda Python 3 distribution
  2. Open a command prompt and run the following lines:
  3. You can now verify this is working by starting a Jupyter notebook server with:
  4. Your browser should open with the Jupyter notebooks interface. Now create a new notebook and put the following code in an empty cell:
    from brian2 import *
  5. Run that cell by pressing Ctrl+Enter. If that works without any errors (you might see a warning) then you’re good to go.
  6. If that doesn’t work or you want to use a different system than Anaconda, take a look at our detailed installation instructions.

If you have trouble installing, don’t worry. You can use the Brian installation on Binder or Google Colab instead.

For Colab, just make the first cell as follows:

!pip install brian2
!pip install brian2tools

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday!