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Paper on Brian 2 published in eLife

We are happy to report that our paper “Brian 2, an intuitive and efficient neural simulator” has been accepted for publication in eLife:

In this paper, we describe a number of examples that showcase various features of Brian 2, ranging from non-standard neuronal/synaptic models to interacting with hardware in real time via C++ code. All the code to run these examples is openly available in a github repository.
The examples are provided as interactive jupyter notebooks, and can be tried out without a local installation of Brian by running them on the binder infrastructure.

Brian 2.2

We are happy to announce the release of Brian 2.2. This release includes a number of important fixes and performance improvements. It also makes sure that simulation no longer give platform-dependent results for certain corner cases that involve the division of integers. For a full list of changes, see the release notes. We recommend all users of Brian 2 to update.

Brian 2 can be installed with Anaconda from the conda-forge channel, or with pip from the pypi repository.

Detailed installation instructions:

As always, please report bugs or suggestions to the github bug tracker ( or to the brian-development mailing list (