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Recommendations for GSoC 2022 applications

The application period for the Google Summer of Code 2022 starts on April 4th (full timeline for GSoC 2022). With this post we give some general information about the ideal contributor application from our point of view. The recommendations we give here hold for all of the proposed projects, but we will also try to give information specific to the respective projects in the corresponding neurostars threads. For a full list of Brian-related projects, see the end of this post.

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GSoC 2020: work on Brian during the summer

The INCF is again applying to be a mentor organization in Google’s Summer of Code program, a “a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development”. Changes are quite high that it will be selected, since its participation in the last years was very successful. If this is the case, there will be an opportunity to work on the Brian simulator, please see the list of proposed projects (Brian projects are number 8 and 9). Feel free to ask questions or discuss the project on the Neurostars forum (find all projects in the GSoC category). It is not mandatory to work on one of the proposed projects, though, please contact if you have an idea of your own.