We are welcoming every kind of contribution. Here are a few ways to contribute to Brian.

Publish your code

The simplest way to contribute is to publish the code you used for your articles in a public database (for example, ModelDB). It increases the impact of your work and it is useful for the community. You can cite our introductory paper (Stimberg et al. 2019). We would be glad if you sent us an email when you publish Brian code, or mention us on Twitter.

Send bug reports

If something is wrong, let us know on the support mailing list or if you are very confident that it is a bug, submit it directly to our issues list.

Help other users

If you are comfortable with Brian, you could help other users on the support mailing list. If you solved a non-trivial problem, such as installing Brian on an iPhone, you could also post a message explaining how you did it.

Contribute new features or bug fixes

If you are very confident with Brian and happy to get deep into the source code, take a look at our developer pages and coding guidelines, and send us a pull request on GitHub.

Contribute to external libraries

A great way to help us is to write or contribute to external libraries that either build on Brian or are useful for neural simulation.

At the moment, we are particularly interested in libraries that allow Brian to run on non-standard computing hardware such as GPU, FPGA, or on robotics platforms. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Tell us what you would like to see in Brian

Help us prioritize the future features by telling us what is most important to you.