The 1.4 release of Brian is out! The major change in this version is the addition of a new Synapses class, which allows modeling everything synaptic: gap junctions, probabilistic synapses, nonlinear synapses, plasticity, etc. There are also a number of other new features, bug fixes and improvements (see below). Brian is being developed by Romain Brette and Dan Goodman. This version also includes contributions by Bertrand Fontaine, Cyrille Rossant, Victor Benichoux, Marcel Stimberg and Jonathan Laudanski. We take advantage of this announcement to inform Brian users that we are currently discussing the development of Brian 2.0, a rewriting of Brian, intended to be simpler, faster, and to be able to run on external devices (e.g. GPU). We will make an announcement on our mailing list soon, where we will ask for user opinions. New features since 1.3.1 Major features:

Minor features: Improvements: Bug fixes: Deprecated or removed features: Experimental features: