The 1.3 release of Brian is out! The major change in this version is the addition of the Brian.hears package for auditory modelling. This version also includes an update to the toolbox for fitting neural models to electrophysiological recordings (which now uses version 0.3 of the parallel optimization package Playdoh), remote control of Brian scripts, and experimental support for code generation for C and GPU. There are also a number of other new features, bug fixes and improvements (full list below). Brian is also available from the NeuroDebian repository: pre-packaged for all recent Debian and Ubuntu releases. Brian is being developed by Romain Brette and Dan Goodman. This version also includes contributions by Bertrand Fontaine, Cyrille Rossant, Victor Benichoux and Boris Gourévitch.

New features since 1.2.1

Major features

Minor features


Bug fixes

Internal changes