We have just released Brian 1.2. The major feature of this release is the model fitting toolbox, designed for automatic fitting of spiking neural models to recorded data. The toolbox is capable of using multiple CPUs or GPUs, across multiple machines. For example, in our lab we use 3 computers with 2 GPUs each to get a 300x speed increase compared to using a single CPU. Other features of this release include some support for real time plotting as the simulation runs and some important bug fixes. See below for the complete list of changes. With this release, we are moving away from the old Sourceforge site to the new Brian Trac kindly hosted by Neural Ensemble. We have also been working on our release tools, making it much easier to produce new releases. We now plan to do fairly frequent 'quick releases' which will be less thoroughly tested, but useful for those who want the latest features without having to much around with the SVN version. Major features:

Minor features: Improvements: Bug fixes: New examples: