Tutorial 1: Basic ConceptsΒΆ

In this tutorial, we introduce some of the basic concepts of a Brian simulation:

  • Importing the Brian module into Python
  • Using quantities with units
  • Defining a neuron model by its differential equation
  • Creating a group of neurons
  • Running a network
  • Looking at the output of the network
  • Modifying the state variables of the network directly
  • Defining the network structure by connecting neurons
  • Doing a raster plot of the output
  • Plotting the membrane potential of an individual neuron

The following Brian classes will be introduced:

We will build a Brian program that defines a randomly connected network of integrate and fire neurons and plot its output.

This tutorial assumes you know:

  • The very basics of Python, the import keyword, variables, basic arithmetical expressions, calling functions, lists
  • The simplest leaky integrate and fire neuron model

The best place to start learning Python is the official tutorial:

Tutorial contents