Brian 2.0 second beta release

We are happy to announce the second beta release of Brian 2.0!

This new version contains important bug fixes and improvements, we therefore strongly recommend all users of Brian 2 to upgrade. If you are a user new to Brian, we’d also recommend to directly start with the Brian 2 beta instead of using the stable release of Brian 1.

What’s new?

Several new features have been added:

  • Support for multicompartmental neurons in the C++ standalone mode
  • New features for TimedArray and SpikeGeneratorGroup
  • Automatic selection of a code generation target
  • Tutorials for users starting with Brian

For a full list of changes, see the release notes.

How to get Brian 2: follow the installation instructions in the documentation

Further information about Brian2:

This is still a Beta release, please report bugs or suggestions to the github bug tracker ( or to the brian-development mailing list (

1 comment to Brian 2.0 second beta release

  • Simo Vanni

    Dear Brian developers,

    Thank you for developing a great simulator!

    We recently learned that Brian 2 support for multicompartmental
    neurons is limited in an important way. Apparently, because
    compartments are instantiated as neuron groups, only small networks
    are feasible for multicompartmental models. This is very sad indeed,
    given that the flexibility of brian seemed to make it the best tool
    for mid-sized biomimetic networks. Given that our modeling is
    dependent both on network size (we are pushing through 100k neurons
    shortly) and compartments (dendritic signal transformations), we would
    like to enquire what is the status of multicompartment support for
    Brian2? Any plans for adding support for large-scale
    multi-compartmental modeling? What would be required to reach such
    support, i.e. how you would do it?

    Simo Vanni

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